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Beer Advent Calendar – Day One

This is surely one of the best ideas I’ve ever had!  I’ve gone through with my plan to buy twenty-four beers from around the world with which to count down the days until Christmas. Their names are all on slips of folded paper in a small vase (nobody actually draws things out of a hat any more, do they?)

Today I’m enjoying Young’s Christmas Pudding Ale, which is 5.5% ABV according to the bottle but only 5.0% according to the website – don’t believe everything you read on the web, eh?

The tasting notes say:

With its warming, dark ruby character and the splendid luscious flavour of dried fruit, Young’s Christmas Pudding Ale is an inspirational addition to any Christmas feast or fireside gathering.

I say it’s tasty, pleasant as a singleton, but probably a bit too fruity to drink during a prolonged sesh’.  It really does smell like figgy pudding, too!
If this were a track on my iPod I’d probably give it four stars.

Jocelyn says “Huh?  I can’t taste any fruit.  Nope, tastes like beer to me.  I’d prefer a Guinness.”

I wonder what tomorrow will bring..?

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