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Beer Advent Calendar – Day Two

Well, this evening’s advent beer couldn’t be more different from yesterday’s.  I had the dubious pleasure of sampling Crazy Ed’s Cave Creek Chili Beer, all the way from Arizona.  Be warned, the website dates from 1999, and boy does it show – we’re talking Comic Sans in a scrolling <Marquee> tag, framesets that have a tendency to get confused (try clicking the “home” link), and a 53 kilopixel JPEG weighing in at an astonishing 232Kb (why?!)  Seeing those “Netscape Now!” animated gifs make me all nostalgic for the twentieth century…

Ahem.  But enough about the site, what about the beer?  Well, it was a lucky choice for this evening, as Joce had made Mexican for dinner.  It was certainly spicy (having a whole chili pod in the bottle), but to be honest I would have prefered a nice refreshing Corona or Sol.  As with yesterday’s offering, this was a fun novelty drink as a one-off but not something I could happily sup all evening.

Joce says: “Oh!  Ow!  Oh my god!  Oh, man!  That is the hottest thing I’ve ever tasted!  My throat is on fire!”

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