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Rounding Up The Result of Integer Division

Here’s a damn useful piece of information which should be in the armoury of every modern codemonkey:

In Java, if it is required to round up the result of dividing m by n (where m and n are integers), one should compute (m+n-1)/n

Source: Number Conversion, Roland Backhouse, 2001

I’ve used this deliciously elegant result in production J2EE code in the past, but it’s equally valid in C#, as long as you can make the additional assertion that m/n is positive. This is because whilst Java treats integer division by rounding to zero, C# merely truncates the result (in an unchecked context). In my experience, the most frequentuse for this result is the deft answering of questions such as “if I have x items in my dataset and I display y per page, how many pages do I have in total?”, where it is obviously safe to make the assertion of a positive result.

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