Advent Calendars

Jocelyn wants an Advent calendar.  She's never had one in previous years (all say "aaaahh").  Apparently they're not very popular in the States (I find that surprising), so she's angling to get a really nice one, with chocolate, to make up for it.  Or, failing that, twenty-seven regular ones to make up for lost time :-)

Actually it's now difficult to find advent calendars that don't come with chocolate behind the doors (or are they windows?), and I wonder why manufacturers of other consumable treats don't try to get in on the act.

For example, I want a beer advent calendar.  I'm thinking of making a cardboard box, containing 24 assorted bottles of real ale hidden behind numbered flaps on a lid.  That way I can count down the evenings to Christmas by enjoying a random pint of hoppy goodness.  Mmmm.  Why do you suppose nobody markets such a thing?  I'd happily pay about £34.99 for such a yuletide treat.  I suppose the issue would be getting buy-in from sufficient different breweries to get the necessary assortment of 24 bitters.  Ah well, I'll go with the DIY option this year.  Should be fun.