Yuletide Rants

High Street Stores - your aisles are the widths they are for good reason. By insisting on narrowing them with mountains of celebrity cookbooks and wrapping paper displays you are preventing parents with pushchairs from getting around your shop (and I can only imagine how frustrated wheelchair users must be). No wonder all your customers are deserting the high street in favour of online shopping.

Car Wash Manufacturers - please can you invest some R&D into units which continue to function through the winter months?  This is the time of year when my car gets most dirty, and I have least impetus to wash it by hand, so it's really annoying that it coincides with the time that all my local car washes are out of action due to being a bit chilly.

Carol "Singers" - knocking on my door and reciting a few lines of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" so appallingly that even Simon Cowell would be lost for words does not fill me with desire to give you my hard-earned cash. At least have the decency to learn the lyrics - you're supposed to be wishing glad tidings to me and my kin, not my king, you idiots!

Holiday Drivers - while tentatively making your once-a-year trip on the M1 motorway, it would please your fellow road users no end if you would kindly keep left and stop driving down the middle lane at 50mph with your indicator permanently on.