Why God Gave Us VISA Cards

I often find myself reading email whilst talking on the phone. This isn't surprising, as a huge proportion of my days tend to be spent dealing with incoming email, but it does mean my phone conversations don't really flow as well as I'd like them to, and I worry that I sound a bit dappy.

But anyway, no point worrying. I've arranged to meet up with Rich in Nottingham on Saturday afternoon, even if I did come across as somewhat stoned as we discussed where to meet.

I'm really looking forward to it. Nottingham - my favourite place to shop. Not that I have much cash to spend at the moment, it's been an expensive month. But then that's why God gave us VISA cards. Selectadisc is calling out to me... mmmm, vinyl....

Have come up with an idea for a database or possibly a VB application storing details of the Scottish mountains - a virtual bagger's map, if you will, capable of easily handling multiple ascents of the same peak, as well as much more. Watch this space, as they say.