Who Needs Sleep?

The GSM message arrived at 09:06, and couldn't have been any more appropriate:


Short answer would've been "I do," but I couldn't be bothered typing that in. Yep, it's been a tiring weekend, and there are further festivities in the pipeline.

Due to a lack of planning on my part, and many people having to work (work!), a hardcore band of just five of us headed into Sheffield on Saturday evening. Of course, the upside to this was it made for an optimal split of the taxi fare..

To cut a long story short, it was another Good Night Out. It's becoming a bit of a habit of late. We only got turned away from one pub (a record?), even managing to secure entrance to Yates's. Needless to say, we ended the night dancing badly in The Leadmill, which was quite distressing on two counts - the youthfulness of the other patrons, and the number of songs we'd never heard before. Yikes!

Even more distressing - I've lost my copy of Risk. The last time I remember seeing it was Ullapool in April, so perhaps it's still there...? Without our traditional end to the night, we resorted to watching TV, but the porno on Channel Four was incredibly dire, and our only alternative (BBC News 24) instantly sent us to sleep.

I only realised it was the eighth already a few hours ago - this month, and indeed the year, is flying by alarmingly. So much that I intended to do, so little time left to do it...

I need a good dose of fiction. My recent reads have been interesting enough, but a bit too factual - biographies, mathematics, etc. Enjoyable enough in their own way, but not the same as a decent novel. So, I've ordered a couple of paperback from a book club. Bit of an impulse buy, we'll have to wait and see what they're like..