When Joce Met Jobs

I love it when I'm surprised by those I know best.

A few nights ago, Jocelyn and I had finished playing a lengthy and tightly-fought game of Trivial Pursuit.  We've recently bought the "Globetrotter" edition, as this is better able to provide us with a fair match (although being a UK release, there's still a definite bias in my favour - the European questions have a tendency to inquire about classic British sitcoms, the Oceania topic is littered with references to Neighbours, and the North American section poses such quandaries as "how many cents are in a dime?").  Anyway, having finished the game, I was still in a quizzical mood, so was posing Joce some questions of my own.  One of these was "Which duo founded Apple?".  I didn't expect a correct response (my wife has many talents, but she's no geek), so I was surprised when she came back swiftly with "Jobs and Wozniak".

My shocked response - "How the bloody hell did you know that?!?" prompted this anecdote: "Well, the restaurant I used to work at [in San Jose] was close to Apple.  One of them, Jobs or Wozniak, used to come into the restaurant a lot for lunch.  They had business meetings, used to doodle plans on the napkins.  Once I learned who they were, I starting keeping the napkins in case they turned out to have cool ideas of future stuff on them."

My mouth was dropping by this point.  Yeah, I know, I'm easily impressed, but remember that I grew up in rural South Yorkshire, half a world away from Silicon Valley.

"Please tell me you still have the napkins," I begged.
"Well, no; you're always complaining that I hoard stuff and the flat is cluttered...."


PS - Oh yeah, I won the game of Triv'.  Like you had to ask... ;-)