We Have Governmental Approval

It's official.  Her Majesty's government have given approval to our wedding, so there ain't no stopping us now!  Jocelyn pitched up early doors at the British Consulate in LA last week to apply in person for a fiancee visa.  With her she took plenty of supporting evidence including:

  • My birth certificate
  • My passport
  • My bank statements
  • A letter from my employers
  • A letter from our vicar who is marrying us next year
  • Photographs of us together
  • A diamond engagement ring!
  • Mortgage documents
  • ...and even my mother, who was over in California to meet Jocelyn's family!

It was a phenomenal relief to us both to get this stage of the process completed.  There'll be more bureacracy to contend with in the coming months and years, but this was a vital step.  If for some strange reason Joce had been denied a fiancee visa it would have really scuppered our plans.  Thankfully that didn't happen, and we now have six months of wedding-related plans to get our teeth into!

-- Ian