I see it's March tomorrow, which means there are just 54 days to go until our wedding!  Time indeed for another update on what's been happening:

We have wedding rings!  They are both 18ct gold, and engraved inside with the date of our wedding.  They are both quite simple and timeless - Jocelyn's matches very well the band on her engagement ring.  Mine is wider and has slightly bevelled edges.  Unlike Jocelyn, who has been habitually wearing jewellery all her life, this is the first time I will have worn a ring, so it's going to take a while until I'm used to having it around all the time (but then I could say the same of having a wife.. ;-)

As I mentioned in my entry earlier today, we have finally mailed all the invitations.  This has been a major undertaking - all the daytime invitations feature a needlepoint hand-sewn by Jocelyn, so you can hopefully imagine the amount of time and effort expended.  The inserts and information sheets enclosed were printed by myself, which (whilst relatively swift compared to Jocelyn's contribution) took me quite some time.  Personally, I think they are the most impressive greeting cards of any ilk that I've ever seen, but then perhaps I'm a little biased...

We had lots of fun at the weekend shopping for gifts for our bridesmaids, ushers, best man and parents.  I don't quite know why, but I've found it much more enjoyable choosing these presents than I ever find the routine of buying Christmas presents.  Go figure.  Maybe it feels more personal, more meaningful.  Maybe it's just refreshing not to be battling with thousands of other last-minute shoppers!

The plans for my stag do are taking shape.  It will be in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on the weekend of 1st April (how ominous), and we're hoping to engage in some paintball and quad-biking before visiting a comedy club in the evening.  Perhaps there will be time to squeeze in a swift beer or two - we shall have to see.  Am I excited about the stag weekend?  Yeah, I am, but I'm also somewhat nervous.  I remember the standard of stripper that we hired for my best man Richy's stag four years ago, and I recall also the outfit that we had Daffy wear at his stag in 2003, and I feel certain that these past misdemeanours will make it impossible for me to get through the weekend without public humiliation.  Plus, my brothers-in-law have announced their attendance, so really, what chance do I have?!

What else?  All the details that I mentioned in a previous entry are beginning, gradually, to fall into place.  We have had fruitful discussions with the events coordinator that have left us feeling less fretful and more hopeful of a smooth and enjoyable day.  Myself and Richy have visited Pronuptia and selected the monkey suits for ourselves, Mike and Mikel.  We have arranged for our banns to be read in church.  Heck, I've even bought new shoes!  Things are progressing well.

We have very many outstanding thank-yous accumulating.  There will be time enough to mention everybody in the weeks and months to come, but right now I wanted to express particular thanks to our mothers for their invaluable advice and practical assistance in the planning so far.  Also my big sister Paula for kindly offering to make us a cake, and Jocelyn's aunt Joan for sending us a beautiful cake-topper across the Atlantic.  Oh, and Jammy and Dawny for being the very first people to buy us a gift from our Debenhams list - I promise to use our lovely new pestle & mortar every day :-)

-- Ian