Typical Bank Holiday

"Bank Holiday comes six times a year
Days of enjoyment to which everyone cheers
Bank holiday comes with a six pack of beer...

Summer Bank Holiday (UK (E., N.I., W.)). When I was a youngster I used to dread bank holidays. They invariably coincided with school holidays anyway, so the only upshot was that my parents would drag us out to see some stately home, country park, or worse simply "go for a walk". *sigh* - I'd much rather have stayed in reading a comic or playing on a computer. But now I'm an adult (allegedly), so I kinda enjoy dragging my nieces and nephews round country parks and stately homes. What goes around, comes around, as they say.

Actually they seem to quite enjoy the day out, and indeed it is good fun. My eldest niece was trying to do cartwheels, so I showed her how they should be done. I think she was impressed. Everybody else was amazed, they seldom see me move so quickly.

As I'm dropping off to sleep, I begin to wonder what prompted that letter of August 17. Why me? What can I offer? I begin mentally scanning through my CV, and I suddenly realise - the 77% score I fluked in Game Theory in my final semester. Maybe I should brush up on it.