Trying Twitter Again

OK then.  Scotts Watermasysk and Hanselman have convinced me to give Twitter another try.

My rationale goes something like this:

  • I often find myself with pithy things to share that are unworthy of a blog post. Currently, either I don't share them at all, or I email/IM then to a select few friends. I figure it would be much better to Twitter them, so that anybody who may be interested can pick up on them in the method of their choosing.
  • My favourite aspect of the Facebook phenomenon is the status update functionality, which is essentially what Twitter is, so I should embrace that. Anybody know how to get my Twitter updates to automatically synch' across to my FB status? Updated: Thanks to Gus Perez for letting me know about TwitterSync - just the job!
  • Since my first tentative foray into Twittering, it has come on leaps and bounds, with the @username protocol for sending replies, hashtags, and a wealth of clients. I'm loving twhirl, and the integration with Google Talk.
  • I can even add yet more task to Remember The Milk by sending a direct Tweet.  How cool is that?

Now all I need is the customary legion of followers... :-)  You'll find my tweets at