Phew, it's not just me who's bored. Andy, the senior developer who I've been working for, was walking around complaining of his boredom for most of the day. It's good to know that employees of the client organisation can feel this way too, and it's not just a symptom of being a consultant (oh, how that term makes me giggle...)

Unlike myself, Andy came up with a remedy to our predicament, and began making a list of bands in his record collection beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Just the kind of thing to pass a Friday, undoubtedly, so I quickly jumped on the bandwagon. The results were kinda interesting...

My list Andy's List
Arab Strap Alphaville
Beatles, The Barenakedladies
Cornershop Comsat Angels
Delgados, The Depeche Mode
Echo + The Bunnymen Electrik Music
Frank & Walters, The Fixx, The
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Gold, Marion
Half-Man Half-Biscuit H2O
Inspiral Carpets I Start Counting
Jack Japan
Killing Joke Kraftwerk
Labradford Landscape
Mogwai Men Without Hats
New Bad Things New Musik
Orange Juice One The Juggler
Portishead Propaganda
Queen Q-Feel
Radiohead Repetition
Stone Roses Scary Thieves
Talking Heads Talk Talk
Underworld Ultravox
Veruca Salt Visage
Wonderstuff, The Wax
XTC X Ray Specs
Yazoo Yellow Magic Orchestra
ZZTop Zappa, Frank

It seems ages since I've had a good chat about music. I've been feeling rather disillusioned by it all for much of this year, and have long since given up buying the NME and Melody Maker. But talking about these bands fired up my enthusiasm again, and reminded me of all those LPs I've been meaning to buy for years. I think a visit to Amazon is in order. Ah, the Comsat Angels indeedy - another great Sheffield band, much better than all this modern bilge that VH1 and MTV are churning out. Oopsy, I think I'm showing my age again...