Too Much Information

Having a bit of time on my hands today, I decided to catch up on some of the 130 feeds that I subscribe to via Google Reader. Now, in my head, I always thought that my MO for reading feeds went something like this:

  • Scan through feeds a few times each day.
  • Enjoy laughing at Dilbert, Daily WTF,, and looking at my contact's Flickr photos.
  • Extremely interesting article found - read it, share it, blog about it, forward it onto friends / colleagues, bookmark it on
  • Potentially interesting article found - star it for later.
  • Read through starred articles at least weekly and action accordingly.

However, today when I came to look through my starred articles, it became apparent that I have been failing to perform that fourth bullet point, as I have well over 700 starred articles dating back to the fourth of January! I highly doubt that I'll manage to read through them all now, but I can find no way of quickly un-starring all posts (am I missing a trick?).  I have to come to the conclusion that I'm simply trying to take in too much information, or have too little free time available for feed reading.  And if that's true now, goodness knows what life will be like when junior finally emerges.