Today's Favoured Reading Material

I've just finished reading Duncan Bannatyne's autobiography, Anyone Can Do It.  It didn't take me long, as it's a real page-turner - and that's coming from someone who doesn't usually enjoy biographies (perhaps my taste in books is maturing as I plough headlong into my thirties?)  Duncan's straightforward style of investing and attitude to business made the book a true inspiration, and really does leave the reader with the impression that anyone with a bit of determination and common sense can, well, do it!  Not that I'll be quitting the day job just yet, mind...

Other text that has pleasured my eyeballs today includes Caitlin Moran's column in The Times on World of Warcraft.  Caitlin is roughly the same age as myself, and began writing for the Melody Maker at the tender age of sixteen (i.e. when I started reading it), so it would be fair to say that my taste over the last decade and a half have been more than slightly influenced by Ms Moran's writings.  Anyway, here's part of what she has to say about WoW - the full article is worth the price of the paper itself (or you can read it online for free here):

"So here I am, a 31-year-old mother of two, at 2am, in bed in my Bliss Spa Socks, and having polymorphous cybersexual frisson with a 15-year-old gnome called Flopsey, who lives in Antwerp. Really, the modern age is a marvel."