The Wisdom of Crowds

The Wisdom of Crowds

So, today the Bank of England dropped interest rates sharply once again.

I usually avoid reading the BBC News "Have Your Say" forums, for therein lies the path to insanity and disillusionment in one's fellow man. Today was no exception, as I came across this comment from Clifford Feary of Northampton:

"so the savers are being punished ,while those with big debts get help at our expense .,there should be two levels of rates opne for savers and one for borrowers,"

What an economic genius! But what's more disturbing is that, at the time of writing, twenty-seven other people have recommended this suggestion!

Clifford, can you stop typing for a second and think through why it might not be such good idea for the Bank of England to lend money at a lower rate of interest than they offer on deposits...?