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The Transitional Nineties

Day Three – Beinn A’Chaorainn (3,550ft / 1,082m), Beinn Bhreac (3,054ft / 931m).

On which it rained a lot.  Lots of walking across boggy marshy stuff sprinkled with deer and sheep crap.  Another metaphor for life, then.

I’ve never been so glad to see Richard’s Volvo, and I’ve don’t remember ever doing anything so exhausting.  Thankfully we’d already decided that Thursday would be a rest day.

We went to a pub in the evening, and the millennium came up in conversation again.  But instead of looking forward, we were trying to work out what has defined the mood of the ’90s, the zeitgeist of this decade.  But we couldn’t think of anything general, just a whole heap of one-off news events, celebrities, sporting events, and pop scenes with no real socio-cultural change beneath them.  With under 460 days left of the 1990’s, I can’t see that situation changing, either.  Hey ho.  “The transitional nineties”, then.

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