The Phantom Yorkshire Gutter-Fixer

I just noticed the strangest thing.  When we moved into our new house in August, it was raining, and it quickly became apparent that we had a slight problem with our guttering, as the rain poured through a large crack between two pieces and noisily landed on the driveway.

I put this to the back of my mind - it wasn't a big issue and I had plenty of other jobs that needed doing.  I figured that soon enough, the noise would drive me to action during the winter months as the rain became more frequent.  But then this weekend, I realised that the noise has stopped occurring during showers.  I went out to take a look, and sure enough, the gap has disappeared - I can only think that some kind soul (possibly our window-cleaner?) has taken it upon his or her self to spontaneously fix our guttering for me.

So, if you're the anonymous North Yorkshire gutter-fixer, thank you very much!