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The Cairnwell

Does anybody else think Savage Garden sound like Spandau Ballet?  Sorry, just had to get that off my chest…

Day one of the holiday proper, then.  Irn Bru and Double BK Cheeseburger for breakfast, a quick jaunt into the city, and then we’re off.  We didn’t reach the highlands until the afternoon, so decided just to bag a few teeny munros which are adjacent to a 2,000ft high road!  Namely Carn Aosda (3,008ft / 917m), Carn A’Gheoidh (3,199ft / 975m) and The Cairnwell (3,061ft / 933m).

The t-shirt is Suede’s “Stay Together”, in case you were wondering

I find it really annoying to reach a summit only to discover that people have gotten there before me and built buildings or transmitters – it’s almost as if they’re mocking my shoddy level of fitness.  It especially annoys me when the transmitter is for Racal Vodafone, and I have an Orange phone…

I did something silly coming down the Cairnwell.  It should have been an easy wander down, but, well, to cut a long story short and skip the embarrassing details, I kind of stumbled a bit and went for a roll.  I eventually stopped rolling, stood up, fell over again, and continued rolling.  Dizzy was not the word for it!  Bruised my back quite painfully too (sympathy, please!).  When Rich finally caught up with me, the second thing he said was “Well, there’s something for the journal!”.  So there you go.

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