Teddy Bear

A most enjoyable evening out with colleagues (and no, I'm not just saying that). Plenty of good beer early on, followed by some appalling lagers later on in a club. Alcohol prices in clubs continue to perplex me - faced with a large sign saying "Bottles £1", I asked for a bottle of Heineken, which turned out to be £2.60. But the pints of Heineken (containing much more than a bottle), were just £1. I don't understand this when sober, I have little chance in the early hours of the morning after having consumed plenty of conventionally-priced booze.

Despite these strange discrepancies, the club was fun, the music vaguely enjoyable - any place that follows A Town Called Malice with The Eton Rifles before launching into some cheesy new romanticism is OK by me, at least when I'm too drunk to care more.

The topic of anonymity came up again today - a colleague couldn't believe that I diverted an anonymous phone call to ansaphone (I have caller ID), and when the caller left no message, I was asked if I wasn't just a tiny bit curious as to who had been phoning. Well, I'm not. It was probably a wrong number - anyone who knows me would've left a message. Besides, I was busy with a call on a landline, so it's not as if I was being totally ignorant.