Team Foundation Server 2008 In Action

Team Foundation Server 2008 In Action

Finally, a great book about Team Foundation Server which I'm happy to recommend to developers:

I've read plenty of TFS / Team System books from the project management and agile methodology viewpoints, but this is the first one I've come across that I think really sells TFS to developers.

The first part of the book introduces TFS and software development processes in general, before exploring the improvements in TFS 2008, and introducing VSTS 2008 Database Edition.

Preamble over, the main meat of the book goes deep into the key developer-centric areas of version control and Team Build, where TFS can really improve the quality of life of the average developer! There's lots of detail on branching models, and explaining best practice solutions to questions such as how to share code between team projects. It's not all dry theory though, there is plenty of code on show as the author explains some potential customizations and uses for the TFS API.

This is continued in the last two chapters, which dig into administration, customization, and using Workflow Foundation with TFS.

All in all, a really good read, which goes some way to highlighting the awesome power of Team Foundation Server.

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