Pen-y-ghent With a Daughter

A lovely spring Sunday walk up Pen-y-ghent in the Yorkshire Dales with my daughter Isla (her first hike up a proper hill). It was most liberating to get out into the hills after

DDDNorth 2014 Review

I had no excuse for not attending DDDNorth this year, as it was held at Leeds University, a relatively short drive from home. Not that I'd be looking for an excuse - these

Two Of My Earliest "Blog Posts"

Unfortunately the author is not cited, but I’m almost certain that I wrote these two entries for the BBC’s 1986 Domesday Project: * Woodsetts Village * Home Life In Woodsetts Happy memories. For

Where There's Muck...

I didn't think it was possible, but by the appropriate use of a Yorkshire phrase, my opinion of Joel Spolsky has just risen even higher.

Are All York Shopkeepers Crazy?

Retailers in my home town are getting into the news for all the wrong reasons this week. Firstly, a two and a half year old toddler is banned from a shop for wearing