Ooh, I Want One...

In another worrying signal that my mental health might be failing me, my initial thought when I saw this glorified cubicle: http://www.poetictech.com/aura/index.html (via Eric Harrison's blog) was "ooh, ooh, can I get one

Ideal World / Real World

A major project on which I've been working for the last ten months has just gone live, so I've had some time recently to take stock of things, do a bit of R&D, and catch up on some reading.

Songs About Onanism

The evening couldn't come soon enough today. I left work at around 16:20 and headed off for a celebratory 'do' with some colleagues, to mark the fact that our Y2K work was more or less at an end. We

Topanga vs. Billie

The numbers were smaller than I'd originally hoped - just Dave, Simon, and Richard had journeyed back up North for a night out in Sheffield. But in retrospect, this wasn't necessarily a bad thing. We're all friends from our schooldays,

Hungry Parrots

Not much happening at work. Fixed a few errors, added some value, played lots of Solitaire. Oh, and 'Concentration', a picture-matching game that a colleague has written in Visual Basic. That kind of thing is going on quite a bit