Windows 7 Release Candidate

I’ve never done an in-place OS upgrade before. As far back as Windows 95, I’ve always taken the more laborious (but in my mind, cleaner) method of formatting the hard disk and starting again from scratch. I’m

Limited Connectivity Mode

When my business laptop connects to the internet, the following events occur: Windows checks for updates and automatically begins downloading any important ones. Firefox checks for updates for itself and any installed extensions. FoxMarks synchronises my bookmarks. Google Talk connects,

Little Things That Annoy Me #3

Windows Mobile 6.1's incessant "wireless network detected" notifications. This is the summer of 2008. Half the homes in my village, and every business in Leeds has at least one wireless network, they're no longer the novelty that

Hey, Where Did Telnet Go?!

For the first time since moving over to Vista, I've just tried to use telnet, and was surprised to receive the following response: 'telnet' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Yep, it

My WEI Score

Details of my Windows Experience Index score are here, where you can also upload your own details and see facts about other people's systems.  Poor gaming graphics brings me down to a 3.7.

Flashing My DVD Drive

Shooting in RAW on my shiny new Canon EOS400D has many advantages, but the obvious disadvantage is the increase in storage requirements - the average shot I took on Boxing Day was around 8.5 Mb, and they all need