Another Wedding

Hearty congratulations to Emma and Marcus, who tied the knot last month on a lovely sunny day in Derbyshire.

Back In The Land Of The Blogging

It's been an exceptionally quiet August here on, due to Jocelyn and I moving home and hence me being preoccupied with packing and unpacking our possessions, building flat-pack furniture and making several trips to the tip.  But

Another Week Passes

Crikey, it's Friday already and I still haven't told you good people what Joce and I got up to last weekend.  It involved further hurtling around this sceptred isle in our trusty Ford Focus (which has racked up 53,000


Mrs Nelson and I have had a busy few weeks recently, and I've found it difficult to find the time and energy to blog anything of note since we got married in April.  Well, having bought myself a copy of

Wedding Photos

Wow, what a day that was!  Hope everyone who attended enjoyed the wedding as much as we certainly did - thanks to all for coming along to share the day with us. We have uploaded some photos of the

Nine Days To Go

Nine days to go.  We are no longer being asked "how are the wedding plans going?", instead the repeatedly-asked question is "are you getting nervous?!" Well, yes, of course we are!  Who wouldn't be

Wedding Breakfast Menu

Grilled asparagus with pecorino shavings and lemon zest dressing ~~~ Baked fillet of salmon with watercress mousseline.  Grain mustard dauphinoise, fine beans and champagne butter sauce. or Baked goats cheese parcel with sweet and sour leeks and beetroot dressing ~~~ Brandy