Visual Studio Orcas CTP

Bored with Visual Studio 2005 already?  Then you'll be delighted to hear that MS have just released a Community Technology Preview of the LINQ extensions for Visual Studio "Orcas".

Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Projects 1.0

MS have now released the 1.0 version of the Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Projects model: The Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Project model uses the same project, build and compilation semantics as the Visual Studio .NET 2003 web

Another Six Months Fly By

Back from the long bank holiday weekend to find this message greeting me: Has it really been 180 days since VS2005 was released?  Hmm, I guess so...   Actually, the most surprising thing is that I haven't needed to reinstall my

A Tip, Too Late

How not to win friends and influence people: Point out, after they have spent many hours, nay days, neatly formatting HTML within ASPX pages that this can easily be achieved in VS2005 by pressing CTRL-K, CTRL-D. Sorry, Sion and Steve,

New Web Project options in VS2005

Web project files are coming back to ASP.NET 2.0 imminently as an optional extra!  All the good stuff from 2003 (like a sensible way to temporarily exclude files, single assembly compilation, class files wherever in the structure

Whidbey Bug Du Jour

Crikey, never mind blogging about a beer each day, I should start a daily blog about the .NET 2.0 bugs that are driving me scranny. I'm pretty much working full time with VS2005 at the moment, and while in

Whidbey / Yukon Gripes

Permit me a quick whinge: Three basic features of NUnit that aren't replicated in VSTS unit testing: link [] SQL2005 backup maintenance plans don't support auto-cleanup from subdirectories (as in SQL2000):link [] SQL2005 scripting options

They're Here!

Bin your betas, cast aside your CTPs!  RTM versions of SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 are now available on MSDN Subscriber Downloads. W00t! Fill yer boots!