Visual Studio Orcas CTP

Bored with Visual Studio 2005 already?  Then you'll be delighted to hear that MS have just released a Community Technology Preview of the LINQ extensions for Visual Studio "Orcas".


Last week I had the pleasure of attending a two-day MSDN event in Harrogate focusing on the upcoming Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 releases. It was one of the better and more enjoyable MSDN roadshows I've been on,

Oooh, more Visual Studio Toys!

Scott Hanselman's list of Ultimate Visual Studio .NET add-ins. I'm gonna have some fun with these. Hey, I never knew that Reflector was available as a VS add-in - cool!

Visual Studio Team System Preview is on MSDN

Rick LePlante reports that a preview of VS Team System is now available for download to MSDN subscribers. I've been desperate to try this, but at 3.39Gb this download could take me a while, and if it's anything like

Taking The Plunge

In recent months I have begun recoding the Filthy Lucre web site and associated systems, pretty much from scratch. The database has been redeveloped, the middle tier objects are just about finished, and some previously dodgy vbscript scheduled tasks have