Election Night Blogging 2008

(All times GMT) 0907 - Later editions of some of the papers: 0900 - Congratulations to our American friends on your new President-elect. It's been a thrilling election to watch over the past year or so. Your democratic processes and

Britons "Richer Than Americans"

Here's something interesting - apparently UK GDP per capita will this year be higher than that of the USA, Germany, or France. Now, if only everything wasn't so bloody expensive on this side of the pond, maybe we could start


Danny O'Brien (an expat Brit living in the States) wrote an excellent Thanksgiving Day blog entry about sincerity, which really struck a chord.  I can't find any one bit to quote here, so I just implore you to go

It Humoured Me

From an anecdote on Scott Hanselman's blog: He said "Humour me." He's from the Bay Area, but you can always here the "u" in words like Humor with Jeff. It's how he maintains quiet superiority over

More Words That Start Arguments In Our House

Oriented vs. Orientated Specialty vs. Speciality See, it's not all pavement / sidewalk and tap / faucet, y'know.  In fact, the more similar the two words, the more vocal the arguments!

USA Trip 2006: Breakfast Prep

Photo by Rachel Park / UnsplashOn our first morning in California, we headed out to breakfast, which was preceded by a short session of Breakfast Prep’, courtesy of Jocelyn.  It had been a couple of years since I’