A Few Times Around The Block

Whilst driving home from work today, my car reached a significant milestone in its life on the road - 100,000 miles on the clock! Thanks to John for lending me an Ixus to capture this historic event in my

Yuletide Rants

High Street Stores - your aisles are the widths they are for good reason. By insisting on narrowing them with mountains of celebrity cookbooks and wrapping paper displays you are preventing parents with pushchairs from getting around your shop (and

There But For The Grace of God

Sometimes, events conspire to remind me to simply be thankful to be alive. Had I left for work a few seconds later than I did today, I would have been in the line of the HGV that I watched ploughing

Paulo's Last Munro Photos

I've finally gotten round to processing and uploading photos from Paulo's Last Munro weekend. The weather on Ben More was truly appalling, so the majority of the images were, unsurprisingly, taken within the cosy confines of the Craignure Inn, who

Hebrides Bound - But Can I Still Rough It?

This weekend I'm taking a couple of much-deserved days off work and heading to Mull with the intention of plodding up Ben More with my good friend Paulo and several of his other mates.  This is, you see, Paulo's

What I Did On My Half-Term Holiday

I'm back at the keyboard once more after a hectic week of fun and games.What've I been up to?  Let's see... Last weekend was Hugh's stag do in the Lake District, where we: Went ape in Grizedale forest

Cashless Car Parking

In these days when practically all goods and services can be acquired with the right credit card, the few that still force me to carry cash are increasingly frustrating.  When they require exact change, and don't accept banknotes, well,