Random Musings From A Week's Vacation

Some thoughts that occurred to me during, or following, a week's holiday in Cornwall: Cornwall is a long way from Leeds, especially with a toddler in the car. Stopping over half way was a good idea.Driving from Leeds to

Two Random Thoughts, 26th February 2008

1. I had a routine eye test today, and was told that my eyesight has improved since my last test (10th December 2004).  I didn't realise that was even possible! 2. Driving home this evening, across a low-visibility intersection

Another Sign of Maturity

We joined the National Trust yesterday. How grown-up does that make me feel?! I'd like to say that I did this as a purely unselfish act in a desire to support the conservation of Britain's heritage, but really I just

Two Silly Signs

We had a day out in Harrogate today, during which I saw two signs which confused me a little. Firstly, en route there was a sign which read "For Wetherby Follow Existing Signs". Which got me wondering what the possible