Good Day Sunshine

The view from a train window, travelling between Leeds and Halifax on Friday morning.   Even the industrial wastelands of West Yorkshire can look vaguely attractive at first light. I don't usually commute to Halifax by train, but made an exception


"You seem to be going awfully fast," said the perspiring southern lady on the footpath to Stac Pollaidh, "would you pull me up?" I smiled politely, but in reality I was both shocked and pleased to have realised that over

Relative Sobriety

Anakin rock (uh-huh).  The female vocalist wailed like a cross between Courtney Love, Manda Rin and Siousie Sioux whilst the band backed her up with a big sound resembling a meeting of Mogwai and the Smashing Pumpkins.  I was most

Doing Nothing

08:48 Sitting in a cold Volvo a few miles from Bridge of Orchy. It's almost too cold to write, or maybe I've just forgotten how. Rich and Bruce have headed off to bag another couple of munros. I reiterated

Auld Reekie

Up early for the customary bacon sandwiches that seem to precede all our Scottish jaunts these days. Then, after I throw some clothes in a bag, we're off. I think I'm unique amongst my friends in that I enjoy the


Internal Email: DO: Do you think working for [our company] is a bit like gardening? IN: This had better be good... DO: Well, gardening is a relatively tedious task. You have more enthusiasm to do the gardening in your own