I've just been playing around with SequoiaView (which is a lot easier to use than it is to spell!). It's a cool utility which displays the contents of your hard drives using a visualization technique called Cushion Treemaps. It makes

Google Desktop Out Of Beta

Google are taking Desktop Search out of beta already. That seems quick, considering that the likes of Google News have been in beta for donkey's years. Nice to see that the new version will search Thunderbird mails and Firefox browsing

RSS Feeds - a Necessity, Not a Nice-To-Have

My internet connection went down in the early hours of Sunday morning (when, naturally, I was trying to use it).  Cue 45 minutes of frustration and aimless tampering with the router settings before connection returned as suddenly as it had

Oooh, more Visual Studio Toys!

Scott Hanselman's list of Ultimate Visual Studio .NET add-ins. I'm gonna have some fun with these. Hey, I never knew that Reflector was available as a VS add-in - cool!

Community Server 1.0 Screenshots

Scott Watermasysk has just posted some screenshots of the Community Server admin pages. It's looking good - a nice clean interface, lots of features. I can't wait to give it a go. I'm beginning to wonder whether I should suggest


I bought a copy of Newsgator. Now that Newsgator online has become a free service, it was pretty much a no-brainer. I live in Outlook at work and use it heavily at home, so I love the fact that I

eMule To The Rescue

I just got a new PC from Mesh computers, complete with an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum soundcard by Creative. Now, of course, the very first thing I did was wipe the hard disk and begin rebuilding the system to suit

Google Desktop Search Genius. Sheer bloody genius. I love the way it integrates with the standard google search results. I love the speed and the ease of use. Kinda makes Lookout a bit redundant I suppose. I can't wait