TFS: Using Alternative Diff/Merge Tools

There are many things I love about Team Foundation Server, but the supplied diff/merge tool is not one of them. It is - how can I put this? – somewhat basic. Indeed, I’ve heard tell of people going out

On 64-bit TFS, Virtualization, and Conchango SCRUM

Earlier this week I picked up a hire car and headed over to deepest Cheshire to install an instance of Team Foundation Server 2008 for a client. Before setting off, I tried to make sure that all the prerequisites were

Team Foundation Server 2008 In Action

Finally, a great book about Team Foundation Server which I'm happy to recommend to developers: I've read plenty of TFS / Team System books from the project management and agile methodology viewpoints, but this is the first one I've come across

Team Foundation Server Build Notification Tool

I’m currently enjoying setting up a Greenfield implementation of Team Foundation Server 2008 for a new client, and getting the development and test teams up to speed on TFVC, work item tracking, continuous integration, and all that groovy agile

Team Foundation Server - Get Latest on Checkout

One of the features that the current version of Team Foundation Server doesn’t offer is the ability to Get Latest Version on Checkout. If you’ve ever checked something out, made copious changes, gone to check it

MS Acquire devBiz Business Solutions

Great news for all users of Team Foundation Server: "Microsoft Corporation is excited to announce the acquisition of devBiz Business Solutions, makers of TeamPlain Web Access, a web interface for Team Foundation Server that allows managing work items, documents, reports,