Schoolboy Error Of The Day

This dumb mistake just cost me an hour spelunking around in the debugger: var status = source.Substring(source.LastIndexOf("/" + 1)); (where source is e.g. "") Fortunately the ramifications were picked up in the acceptance tests,

Testing IoC Registrations

When I first started writing automated unit tests for my code, I remember getting carried away writing lots of tiny little tests, each with a single Assert. It felt good initially to see all those green ticks, but rapidly became

Testing LINQ Queries

I’ve been asked “How do you test LINQ queries?” a couple of times in the past few months, so I thought I’d blog my answer for the benefit of all you lovely people. Firstly I should explain how

Zero Interest Bug

I started my career in professional software development a decade or so ago by testing and fixing banking code that had fallen victim to the millennium bug. Could the prospect of zero percent interest rates create a similar boom in