Amazon DVD Rental

Amazon UK have started a DVD rental service: My first thought is "why did this take so long"?  I've been merrily renting from DVD Options for about three

MSN Conversation

Nat: You watching Battlestar G? Ian: No. Nat: pah! you're no geek! Nat: hang thy head in shame! Ian: I am tidying my "cables and connectors" drawer. Nat: yeah, ok.  you're a geek. It's true.  I just

Wonderful You

It suddenly seemed to sink in over the traditional Friday lunchtime fish. "I can't believe we're actually at war," someone said, between mouthfuls. So began a customary twenty-minute debate, at the end of which nobody's individual position or

Doughnuts and Coffee

I know I vowed not to talk about the weather so much this year, but it remains one of the main talking points, which possibly just goes to show how mundane other aspects of life are. Today in West Yorkshire

Who Needs Sleep?

The GSM message arrived at 09:06, and couldn't have been any more appropriate: WHO NEEDS SLEEP? Short answer would've been "I do," but I couldn't be bothered typing that in. Yep, it's been a tiring weekend, and

Insomnia-Induced Navel Gazing

Last night (or rather, in the early hours of this morning), I found myself unable to sleep, so I spontaneously decided to read my old diaries. Not the older entries in this journal, I mean paper-based personal diaries, which I