Steve Irwin Killed!

Shocked and saddened to hear this morning that the unique and seemingly irrepressible Steve Irwin has been killed off the coast of Queensland by a stingray barb through the heart:

Funnyfox TV ads (almost) for web browsers?  Haven't seen anything like this since the heady days of the Yahoooo commercials.Are we entering a second golden age of the web..?

Auld Reekie Once More

My turn to drive to Scotland, then. I didn't mind, although the traffic was heavy on the A1, the situation exacerbated by major roadworks. But for much of the way we were travelling reasonably quickly. Many drivers used the heavy

Rest Day

Day Four - Rest Day More rain. So we sat in Braemar Youth Hostel, and wrote postcards, read the newspapers, but most of all just watched TV. This Morning, The Labour Party Conference, Fifteen-To-One, Countdown... it was just like being

Auld Reekie

Up early for the customary bacon sandwiches that seem to precede all our Scottish jaunts these days. Then, after I throw some clothes in a bag, we're off. I think I'm unique amongst my friends in that I enjoy the

Hump Day

Wednesdays have a tendency to suck.  Throughout my so-called formative years they were always my favourite day of the week, but now they're just boring, neither-here-nor-there type days.  Hey ho.  And I could go on about how dull work was,

South Yorkshire 90210

"You must enter a valid five-digit ZIP code to register with this website." Uh, even if I don't live in the US? Yep, apparently so. Hmm, a use at last for that Aaron Spelling show. I do wish