Eurovision 2007

As the excitement mounts, we've just voted: I voted for Hungary Jocelyn voted for Georgia and we placed some bets with Ladbrokes: for the Ukraine to come in the top 5 (decimal odds 1.45) for the UK to come

Dashed Hopes of Eurovision Supremacy

If you subscribe to my combined RSS feed (and even if you don't), then you may have seen this story in The Guardian about Morrissey being in talks to offer his services for this year's Eurovision song contest in Finland.

Steve Irwin Killed!

Shocked and saddened to hear this morning that the unique and seemingly irrepressible Steve Irwin has been killed off the coast of Queensland by a stingray barb through the heart:

Something In The Air

Every time I hear those new Talk Talk TV adverts featuring a cover of Thunderclap Newman's "Something In The Air" I have been straining to recall which other telecoms company used the same song, and this evening I've finally remembered

Funnyfox TV ads (almost) for web browsers?  Haven't seen anything like this since the heady days of the Yahoooo commercials.Are we entering a second golden age of the web..?