SQL 2005 Unleashed

Many moons (and about four jobs) ago, a wise DBA by the name of David Hanson once recommended to me a book called Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Unleashed. I took his advice, bought

Smorgasbord 3

Here we go again - permit me to dump all of those "flagged for follow-up" emails and "keep as new" bloglines posts into this entry, and then I can move on with my

Whidbey / Yukon Gripes

Permit me a quick whinge: Three basic features of NUnit that aren't replicated in VSTS unit testing: link [blogs.msdn.com] SQL2005 backup maintenance plans don't support auto-cleanup from subdirectories (as in SQL2000)

They're Here!

Bin your betas, cast aside your CTPs!  RTM versions of SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 are now available on MSDN Subscriber Downloads. W00t! Fill yer boots!