SQL 2008 - Missing Indexes Hints

Improvements to the Execution Plan UI in SQL Server Management Studio 2008 sure do make it a doddle to improve query execution time. A client just reported that a particular stored procedure kept timing out. Viewing the Estimated Execution Plan

SQL Server 2008 SP1

SQL Server 2008 SP1 has been released! The big news as far as I can tell is that SSRS Report Builder 2.0 can now be deployed via ClickOnce, which should make it easier to provide this application to end

SQL Server Point-in-Time Restore

One of the multiple hats that I’m currently wearing for a client is that of SQL Server DBA. In this guise, I have recently fielded a couple of email queries from users concerned about the data recovery options available

Versioning Databases

IM received this morning: Morning young man. Do you know of anywhere that I can get hold of best practices for stored procedure source control? My response was to recommend checking out the series of articles on this subject by

SQL 2005 Unleashed

Many moons (and about four jobs) ago, a wise DBA by the name of David Hanson once recommended to me a book called Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Unleashed. I took his advice, bought a copy, and it rapidly became one

Smorgasbord 3

Here we go again - permit me to dump all of those "flagged for follow-up" emails and "keep as new" bloglines posts into this entry, and then I can move on with my life: Transformers Costumes - turn from a