Free Vista-Compatible Antivirus

Here's another quick Vista tip that might also save you money!  Although Vista comes with inbuilt firewall,  anti-spyware and parental controls, there's still no out-of-the-box antivirus (presumably much to the relief of the countless AV product manufacturers around the globe)

Genealogy - My New Winter Hobby

"INTPs are always so mentally active that they continually delve into new interests... The interests of an INTP would be enough to occupy him for several lifetimes if that were possible." -- A description of the INTP personality type, Paul

iTunes 7

More funky software released this week - iTunes 7.0.  The most noteworthy new features are its native ability to download missing cover art from the iTunes store for tracks in your library, and the "Cover Flow" option of browsing


I'd love to see the algorithm for Flickr's Interestingness feature - for some reason it has decided that, out of the 3830 photos I currently have on the site, this picture of Joce is my most interesting!

Was This Information Helpful?

Not so much, actually...  :-) (OK, so it's a beta release of Office, and it's very impressive, so I shouldn't be too harsh, but this still made me smile...)

Muddy Pants, Three Feet High

Congratulations to John on having his excellent Background Switcher application mentioned on over the weekend (John's desk is opposite mine in the office, so no prizes for guess what I've been hearing about all day... ;-) For those

ProgressQuest - an RPG for the Time-Starved

As a teenager I loved playing D&D and Warhammer - but to be honest the whole roleplaying and monster-slaying shenanigans came secondary to the sheer arithmetical pleasure of tracking a character's progress on a lovingly-crafted character sheet. Now

John's Background Switcher

What's on your desktop background?  Some bland corporate logo perhaps, or maybe one of the bog-standard Windows wallpapers, or maybe a photograph you took years ago?Let's face it, when was the last time you changed your background?