Versioning Databases

IM received this morning: Morning young man. Do you know of anywhere that I can get hold of best practices for stored procedure source control? My response was to recommend checking out the series of articles on this subject by

My Backup Strategy Works!

I seem to have been having a spell of bad luck with hard drives and data loss recently. Less than two months after my 80 Gb Freecom portable hard drive died (to be replaced by a 320Gb Freecom ToughDrive), my

Limited Connectivity Mode

When my business laptop connects to the internet, the following events occur: Windows checks for updates and automatically begins downloading any important ones. Firefox checks for updates for itself and any installed extensions. FoxMarks synchronises my bookmarks. Google Talk connects,

Little Things That Annoy Me #2

The installer for Window Live Writer. I was intending to write a post moaning about something entirely different, but I've spent so long trying to install WLW that it has slipped my mind. Whatever it was can't have been nearly


How on earth did we survive before the wonders of ActiveSync?  Did we really re-key contact details every time we bought a new mobile phone, or (*shudder*) re-populate a paper-based calendar at the start of a new year? As

Family Tree Update

With the return of the dark wintry nights to this sceptered isle, I've been taking the opportunity to flesh out my Family Tree a little more. And it isn't just the addition of young Benjamin - since I last uploaded

It's seven years since my last major data loss, when my sole hard drive (all 3.2Gb of it) bit the dust, taking almost all my worldly data with it, barring a few vital files that I'd diligently backed up