Clients regularly ask me “Hey, how do you do those fancy screen shots with arrows, highlights, and torn page effects?” Answer: I use Snag It, a funky little program which John initially recommended

Data Loss 2008

So, last week I managed to lose eight years’ worth of contact and calendar data. Coming less than three months after posting a blog entry entitled “My Backup Strategy Works!”, this is a

Coolest EULA Ever

I’ve just installed the very useful HashTab shell extension, and laughed out loud when I saw the licence agreement:

Versioning Databases

IM received this morning: Morning young man. Do you know of anywhere that I can get hold of best practices for stored procedure source control? My response was to recommend checking out the

My Backup Strategy Works!

I seem to have been having a spell of bad luck with hard drives and data loss recently. Less than two months after my 80 Gb Freecom portable hard drive died (to be