Death Of Google Reader

Gutted. I loved Google Reader. Heck, I even managed to get the wife addicted to it. I don't want to click "OK". I'm not OK with this. If I don't click "OK" will they have to leave switched on...?

Spotify Mobile Rocks My World

I’m really enjoying being a Spotify customer, especially since they released an app for the Android mobile platform (I’m the proud owner of an HTC Magic). I was planning to write a quick blog post simply enumerating the


OK, dear readers, today I’d like to talk about tools. Software development isn’t really so different from traditional skilled crafts in that it is important to have an understanding of the tools available to help you create a


Clients regularly ask me “Hey, how do you do those fancy screen shots with arrows, highlights, and torn page effects?” Answer: I use Snag It, a funky little program which John initially recommended to me (although he’s not a

Data Loss 2008

So, last week I managed to lose eight years’ worth of contact and calendar data. Coming less than three months after posting a blog entry entitled “My Backup Strategy Works!”, this is a little bit embarrassing. I’ve been contacting

Coolest EULA Ever

I’ve just installed the very useful HashTab shell extension, and laughed out loud when I saw the licence agreement: