Death Of Google Reader

Gutted. I loved Google Reader. Heck, I even managed to get the wife addicted to it. I don't want to click "OK". I'm not OK with this. If I don't click "OK" will they have to leave switched on...?

Google Reader

For several years now I've been trying, somewhat unsuccessfully, to convince friends and family to start making use of web feeds. In August 2005 when I made a list of ten things that I felt were not popular enough, I

Application Integration

OK, well, in contrast to the message box in my previous blog entry, today I was presented with this great message from IE7: Ah yes, that's what I like - nice tight integration between applications.   In all likelihood I'll probably


Today, after just nine months, I decided to abandon my use of Newsgator for reading feeds, in favour of using Bloglines. It's saved me a great deal of time already - Bloglines' aggregated feed pages make it