Resolutions 2009

This year, rather than making a long list of resolutions, I'm going to focus my efforts on two simple goals: 1. Drink Less Wine A couple of glasses of vino of an evening after The Boy has gone to bed

Resolutions 2008

Here are some of my intentions for 2008: I will blog more frequently. I will devote more time, imagination and energy to playing creatively with Ben. I will work harder and smarter to provide for my family. I will eat

Resolutions Review 2006

How did I get on with my resolutions for 2006?   1. I will not drink caffeine after 7pm on a school work night. A success!  Switching to caffeine-free diet coke and decaffeinated Earl Grey helped.   2. I

Resolutions 2006

I will not drink caffeine after 7pm on a school work night. I will not use the PC before leaving the house for work in the mornings - it is not necessary to check email and read blogs at 6am!

Resolutions 2005

For the record, Joce and I had a quiet Hogmanay in, as apparently did most other folk in the UK this year.  I whooped Jocelyn's ass at Scrabble (although ironically I just had to ask her how to spell

Resolutions 1999

Visit as many friends as possible Make the most out of my weekends Earn 40% more than in 1998 Pay off sufficient debts to achieve a net worth of zero Bag twenty munros Witness the total solar eclipse Add fewer