American Express Statement Download Functionality

I've just been trying to download all my old credit card statements from the American Express website. That's the kind of exciting life I lead. I had hoped that this would be a fairly straightforward task, but every step of

Empty Catch Blocks

I’ve just found 22 examples of this anti-pattern in a small .NET project: try { // (Stuff here) } catch {} Oh yes, the empty catch block. Joy of joys. Declaring an empty catch block is equivalent to professing that: "Sometimes this code

The Wisdom of Crowds

So, today the Bank of England dropped interest rates sharply once again. I usually avoid reading the BBC News "Have Your Say" forums, for therein lies the path to insanity and disillusionment in one's fellow man. Today was no exception,

Exception Handling Worst Practices

Oh, my eyes! I'm currently looking at a VB.NET class which includes a dozen examples of the following exception "handling" anti-pattern: 'Send e-mail Try Dim smtp As New SmtpClient() smtp.Send(message) Catch ex As Exception ThrowException(