Double Maths On A Monday Morning

I must say I don't envy you - it's like having double maths on a Monday morning!". Ah, yes, double maths on a Monday morning. I actually used to experience, and enjoy, exactly

Tic-Tacs In The Machine

Tic-tacs in the snack vending machine - woohoo, how cool is that? Zo, now I can 'av two 'ours of tic-tac frezhness in jus' two calories - great, ha? Nurofen, too. And Fisherman's

Collective Finger

There was a great discussion on Friday's edition of Newsnight, discussing whether Britain, as a nation, is becoming more 'high-brow', or whether we are 'dumbing-down'. The arguments were many and varied, from the

Strewn Precariously

Success, of sorts. I twigged that my internal modem may have been hogging the COM ports and sure enough, yanking it out prompted Win 95 to detect my Psion. Hmm, hardly an ideal