Tic-Tacs In The Machine

Tic-tacs in the snack vending machine - woohoo, how cool is that? Zo, now I can 'av two 'ours of tic-tac frezhness in jus' two calories - great, ha? Nurofen, too. And Fisherman's friend - must be the time of

Collective Finger

There was a great discussion on Friday's edition of Newsnight, discussing whether Britain, as a nation, is becoming more 'high-brow', or whether we are 'dumbing-down'. The arguments were many and varied, from the high sales of popular science and philosophy

Strewn Precariously

Success, of sorts. I twigged that my internal modem may have been hogging the COM ports and sure enough, yanking it out prompted Win 95 to detect my Psion. Hmm, hardly an ideal situation, though - I tend to use


No, not condolence cards, that wasn't what I was thinking of you cruel people! Tsk. Yet more evidence of the ever-decreasing size of the world - I see that Grinder has gotten engaged to his American girlfriend. Hearty congratulations to

Psion 5

I finally succumbed to my technolust and bought a Psion series 5. I'm using it to write this entry, ready for uploading to my PC next weekend. I think I'm in love with a gadget again... Richard came round this