Amazing CSS

Stu Nicholls' website features some incredible cutting-edge CSS examples, including this maze puzzle (complete with secret passages!) and this cross-the-shark-infested-water game. Remember this is all done with stylesheets, no JavaScript. Very impressive. The site also features many other CSS resources


A petition for the continued support and development of "Classic" VB: Why?  Let it die. Grieve, sure, but move on. Learn C# (or, if you must, VB.NET) and join the rest of us in


Never underestimate the stupidity of users. Or the benefits of a little field validation. One of the web-based systems I've been developing allows users to enter the customer's fax number and automatically fax confirmation details (using Zetafax). It's been working


This recent entry on TheDailyWTF is one of the worst pieces of code I've ever seen in my entire life. When I stopped laughing and picked myself up of the floor though, it got me thinking - I hope this