Remember The Milk

In response to a blog post that I'd shared in Google Reader, Jez emailed me to ask: "Do you use RTM? It's always been one of those web apps that seem really useful, but I've never made the leap to

Trying Twitter Again

OK then.  Scotts Watermasysk and Hanselman have convinced me to give Twitter another try. My rationale goes something like this: I often find myself with pithy things to share that are unworthy of a blog post. Currently, either I

Not Quite Getting Things Done

I currently have: 118 starred personal emails 8 starred business emails 85 active tasks in RTM 145 unread items in Google Reader 157 starred items in Google Reader where do I start?

Time To Switch Off And Slow Down?

There's an interesting article on the BBC about a speaker at the TED conference in Oxford advising delegates that the time has come to unplug and slow down.  While I agree up to a point, I think the trick

Bill Gates' Think Week

There's an absolutely fascinating article in yesterday's Wall Street Journal about Bill Gates' biannual solo retreats to the countryside to read MS research papers. What a great idea; I'm sure even we mere mortals could benefit from a quiet week(