Hmm, so I see with interest that English five and six-year-olds are going to face a new reading test next summer. They will be asked to "read" a list of twenty made-up words

Bull Or Bear

Two articles, both published today in two of the world's most august organs, each reaching dramatically different conclusions on the prospective state of the British economy and the implications of the recent drop

Election Night Blogging 2008

(All times GMT) 0907 - Later editions of some of the papers: 0900 - Congratulations to our American friends on your new President-elect. It's been a thrilling election to watch over the past

EU Want To Regulate Blogging

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I've just seen this snappily-titled Motion for a European Parliament Resolution on Concentration and Pluralism in the Media in the European Union. It appears that

I Am Not Abused And Don't Need Your Protection!

Members of Parliament are today debating a private member's bill - the "Temporary and Agency Equal Treatment bill" - which calls for temporary workers to get the same salary, sick pay and holiday