Document Formats

I'm spending this evening uploading my CV to various recruitment agencies. My preferred format is PDF, so that I can embed the font of my choice (I have a fondness for Calibri) and ensure that the viewer sees the document

Office 2007 RTM

Office 2007 has been released to manufacturing!  Having used the beta versions for the last six months, I have to say that this is a great product, and the most revolutionary Office upgrade that I've ever known. If you've

Google Reader

For several years now I've been trying, somewhat unsuccessfully, to convince friends and family to start making use of web feeds. In August 2005 when I made a list of ten things that I felt were not popular enough, I

Application Integration

OK, well, in contrast to the message box in my previous blog entry, today I was presented with this great message from IE7: Ah yes, that's what I like - nice tight integration between applications.   In all likelihood I'll probably

Was This Information Helpful?

Not so much, actually...  :-) (OK, so it's a beta release of Office, and it's very impressive, so I shouldn't be too harsh, but this still made me smile...)


Today, after just nine months, I decided to abandon my use of Newsgator for reading feeds, in favour of using Bloglines. It's saved me a great deal of time already - Bloglines' aggregated feed pages make it

You Forgot To Attach The File!

I heard that for the last time today, having implemented this wonderfully simple Outlook macro from KC Lemson: Now whenever I try to send an email containing the text