First Day Of Contracting

0822: I think I was a little over-cautious regarding my travel arrangements. I'm supposed to be pitching up at the office at 0930 for my first day, yet here I am already, killing


This morning I've been enjoying listening to an iTunes playlist of ten of my favourite melancholy songs: 1. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah 2. Rufus Wainwright - Vibrate 3. Embrace - Looking As You

The Best Thing I've Heard All Year 2007

Here's what's been on heavy rotation on my iPod this year: There are only six albums which really rocked my world this year. But since I know that most of you 21st-Century iTunes-lovin'

The Perfect iTunes Playlist?

Since Barney, my beloved iPod, came into my life twenty months ago, I've been trying to concoct the perfect iTunes "smart playlist" to match my default listening preferences, and after much tinkering and