Another irritating mindblock yesterday evening, sparked by seeing Simple Minds (eugh!) on VH1 - I couldn't for the life of me remember who directed The Breakfast Club. Isn't Internet Movie Database a wonderful thing? But I shouldn't be forgetting such

Auld Reekie

Up early for the customary bacon sandwiches that seem to precede all our Scottish jaunts these days. Then, after I throw some clothes in a bag, we're off. I think I'm unique amongst my friends in that I enjoy the

Begbie's Nightmare

I wandered into a room where some friends were watching MTV. The tune playing was fairly pleasant. "This is OK. Who is it?" "It's Texas." "Oh." "You detest Texas, don't you?" "


"Down the aisles along the titles where you run your eyes, read a few lines" --- Broadcast, The Booklovers (1996) Isn't it funny how you never appreciate things while you have them? This evening I was watching a movie -