Not That SSIS...

Hmm, this wasn't quite what I expected to find when searching Amazon for a book on SSIS. Still, might as well add it to my DVD rental list... ;-)

Another Effect of Having a Baby

Average number of movies rented from Amazon per month: For the 24 months prior to Ben's birth: 5.71 For the six months since Ben's birth: 3.83 Obviously this is because we

Amazon's Definition of "World Cinema"

I'm browsing the DVD section on, looking for something new and unfamiliar to add to my rental list. I click on "Browse Categories" and then click on the "World Cinema"

What I Did On My Half-Term Holiday

I'm back at the keyboard once more after a hectic week of fun and games. What've I been up to?  Let's see... Last weekend was Hugh's stag do in the Lake District, where

Back In The Land Of The Blogging

It's been an exceptionally quiet August here on, due to Jocelyn and I moving home and hence me being preoccupied with packing and unpacking our possessions, building flat-pack furniture and making