Not That SSIS...

Hmm, this wasn't quite what I expected to find when searching Amazon for a book on SSIS. Still, might as well add it to my DVD rental list... ;-)

What I Did On My Half-Term Holiday

I'm back at the keyboard once more after a hectic week of fun and games.What've I been up to?  Let's see... Last weekend was Hugh's stag do in the Lake District, where we: Went ape in Grizedale forest

Back In The Land Of The Blogging

It's been an exceptionally quiet August here on, due to Jocelyn and I moving home and hence me being preoccupied with packing and unpacking our possessions, building flat-pack furniture and making several trips to the tip.  But

Ian Turns Thirty

Earlier this month, without warning, I turned thirty years old.  How did that happen?!  It all seems to have gone by so quickly - one minute I was making cranes out of Lego, then playing Dungeons & Dragons,


Another irritating mindblock yesterday evening, sparked by seeing Simple Minds (eugh!) on VH1 - I couldn't for the life of me remember who directed The Breakfast Club. Isn't Internet Movie Database a wonderful thing? But I shouldn't be forgetting such